How to plan a banging non ETM warm-up…. quick & easy!

Creating your own freestyle classes can be a daunting prospect. And I will not deny I LOVE teaching pre-choreographed workouts, they inspire me, help me to think of new moves and variations and take a lot of the effort out of planning! However, sometimes, I like to offer my humans something targeted at exactly the areas they need a little work on. Something just for them, to help them reach their goals!

So here is part one of several in how to plan and prep your freestyle sesh without hitting up a ton of grapevines!

  1. Consider who you have in front of you

Every group is different. If your class are used to squatting 20kg barbells on minute 6, then chances are you are good to go with the bodyweight squats early on in the warm-up. If they are used to doing aerobics and 12 bodyweight squats is something that makes them groan then you are going to have to hold off on the resistance moves for a little longer.

The key to any warm-up is to make people feel comfortable and successful so tailor it to the folk that have made the effort to come to your class even if it means doing something you didn't have planned!

2. Plan the main body of the workout first

What exactly are you teaching today? If it's a resistance class and you are having a decent lower body section, then squat technique, hip mobility and glute activation might be a great way to start. There is nothing wrong with including moves from the main workout in your warm-up, just decrease the load, impact and the range of motion and make sure the exercises are appropriate for the fitness levels you are teaching.

If you are training HIIT, then make sure you are increasing their pulse rates so it's not a shock to the system when you throw the battle ropes in there. If they are going to weight-bear on their arms, e.g burpees then stick something low impact but similar in the warm-up.

Do your guys need a little help on posture? Could you do a couple of minutes on shoulder blade retraction? Are they struggling to increase the ROM on their squats, could you do hip mobility for longer in your warm-up?

Getting the plan for the main workout done and then pondering what your gang will find tough/difficult to do is a great way to regress back and think about how to make your warm-up lead-in and give them the best chance of smashing their workout.

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