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Always Moving Forward AMF World
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We have everything you need to supercharge your group ex timetable whether you are a community fitness instructor, boutique fitness studio or independent gym. From choreography & class plans, to timetable & teaching support we have your back. 

Freestyle Choreography


A complete choreography solution! With 10+ class styles and the only restriction being that the choreography must be behind a paywall, the world really is your oyster with our Fitness Library! 

Choreographed Products


Rave Tone® & Hype Dance Fit® are completely pre-choreographed giving you the ease of knowing the class has been created for you! Each release is purchases PAYG which means no ties.

Gym & Studio Services


Whether you need choreography on mass or support with your timetable and instructor evaluations, we have your back. Click through to contact us and find out how we can breathe life into your group ex schedule.

Dance Fitness Choreo


A Lite version of our Fitness Library with choreography suitable for those with a dance fitness certification or dance teaching qualification. Includes dance fit, combat, aerobics and more!

Instructor Workshops


Need to upskill? Then check out our online workshops including glute activation, posterior chain training and freestyle teaching skills. All designed for a group ex environment. 

ETM Support Pack


We know that the L2 GT or ETM can feel a little overwhelming. This is a collection of videos & support from our Level 2 tutors & assessors to help you ace your practical assessment. 



What Our Clients Say

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Leanne, Alfreton

Absolutely amazing content within the Always Moving Forward Fitness Library, so much variety & knowledge to share. My participants & myself are loving BodyTone (with Abs Blast & Booty Blast included) and Combat. Anna & team you are stars!

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We want you! 

Join our team! 

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