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My vision for AMF World® aka Always Moving Forward was to create a hub to inspire instructors to create bespoke, freestyle class solutions for their amazing participants. We have ended up in an industry that is dominated by brand power and pre-choreographed concepts. I teach pre-choreographed concepts, I work and have worked for pre-choreographed fitness concepts and I think they are awesome. But I also believe in our right as instructors to choose. To feel that we have the education and the resources that we need to empower us to create, adapt and invent classes that are completely tailored to the needs and wants of our own clients who we know better than anyone else.

AMF World® is about bring everyone together as an industry. Appreciating the incredible pre-choreographed brands that are out there, the freestyle classes that we can create as part of our qualifications as well as those combo brands that allow you to add your own sparkle to the class.

Being a group ex instructor is one of the best jobs in the world. But it can come with its difficulties… and that is what this site is for. This giant website supports instructors with the constant creation of new choreo and exciting class plans, business and marketing support as well as the occasional feeling of solitude that comes with being self-employed.

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Anna Martin


Anna is a lover of all things dance fitness and resistance related. She is an avid fan of the gym and of any class where she gets to dry hump stuff on stage. Anna has over 10 years experience working both in the community and for gyms & businesses and now limits her classes and personal training to her community crew, Anna Martin Fitness. She is also part of the Clubbercise Master-Trainer team and is a Choreographer and Presenter for the neon ninjas too. She is incredibly grateful for the amazing people she has met along the way and is beyond inspired by the amazing choreography that her fitfam have shared on the site.


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Ian Baker

Our very own Step & Aerobics guru. Ian is the creator of the CFN Step CPD as well as an L2 & L3 Tutor & Assessor, a Group Ex Manager  & International Presenter. What a ledge! 


Rob Sharpe

Rob is the king of all things funky - think kettlebells, MACE bells as well as a lover of dance & combat. Rob presents all over the UK and is the creator of the first MACE bells CPD in the UK!


Natalie Ward

A L2 & L3 ETM Tutor & Assessor as well as choreography & presenter for our buddies at Clubbercise® our Nat loves dance fit, flow & all things. She is also the creator of our Freestyle Skills Workshop!


At your finger tips

Whether you want unlimited freestyle choreography from the Fitness Library, pre-choreographed programs like Rave Tone® and Hype Dance Fit® or simply want to upskill with one of our workshops. We have something for you. 




"Absolutely priceless. Anna and the team are amazing. Sometimes you just get choreo block, or get stuck doing the same old thing, but with so many ideas with the monthly choreography release, you will never get stuck in a rut again.

You can take a full lesson or just use as a base for ideas. The Fitness Library has totally changed my confidence with teaching my classes. Thank you "

Heidi Button, Grays

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"I can not thank Anna enough for creating AMF World®!

The video content that is available to you is unreal!

It really helps to give me some creative ideas for my classes, especially with coming back into the industry!

Elaine Bennison, Bracknell