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Inspiring & Feeling Inspired

Oh my, we really do work in a job where we expend a lot of energy on motivating and inspiring other people to live their best lives. Sometimes we are awesome at it… and sometimes maybe a little less so.

From my own experience, I find it harder to give energy and help my clients find inspiration when I am feeling less than inspired myself. When I’m feeling tired, over-worked or just simply stuck and needing a little hand to pull me out, I have so little energy to share that I focus more on being present for classes and PT sessions and I struggle to think of social media content, blog posts or quite frequently new choreography.

So how do we continually feel inspired? And how do we channel that to inspire others? Check out the points below and let’s kick Monday off with a bang:

  1. Rest & Recovery (from work) - I know it’s like me preaching to the converted. Apart from we don’t do it. Or we manage it for a while and then we forget again and wonder why we feel like shite and can’t think of anything to post or write. Our brains need time off. They need to talk to people not about work and they need to do fun stuff, outdoors and be near nature. That’s one of the biggest stress relievers of all time - being close to nature. Recognise where your own personal limits are when it comes to resting from work. Everyone is different in terms of how much time off they need, but one thing is certain. Your productivity, creativity and passion will be dimmed if you don’t take time out. There’s feck all point in doing the same job twice, so you may as well take a breather and come back it to it when you’ve had some space.

  2. Workouts - your own ones. The ones that balance out what you do to yourself for your job. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, resistance training, rehab or cardio that you are lacking in your own class timetable, the other stuff will help you clear your head and respect your body. Sure, you might not be able to do them with as much regularity as you would like, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about doing enough to help you feel like you’re taking care of yourself…. Leaving you feeling proud, passionate and pumped for what your own body can do.

  3. Finding folk who inspire you - I listen to A LOT of podcasts… and I watch YouTube & Insta from my favourite lifting and rehab specialists. Both are helpful but the podcasts are real game changers for me. I like Steven Bartlett, Gary Vee, Mark Coles, LTB Podcast and Jamie Alderton. I listen to them while I’m training or driving and they spark thoughts while Im doing them that then inspires me later on. Likewise, there are colleagues and PT gurus on Instagram whose content I can’t stop consuming, for me it’s usually squat technique or rehab videos as well as posts from social media testing accounts for new features and new ideas on creating content. We try to put as much group ex specific content out in the Fitness Library for this reason, so our members have somewhere to go to just listen to a video when they need some inspo. Sometimes I listen to stuff and I ‘know’ everything in it, but listening to it again just gives me that little idea to either create content or plan workouts.

  4. Having industry friends - folk that you can talk to, whether in-person or virtually, to discuss ideas, to occasionally vent and to alter our thinking patterns is where it’s at! Sometimes one thing a friend or colleague says will trigger a change in how we are about to deal with a project, task or problem and it can be a game changer.

  5. Stop beating yourself up - the thing I have learnt most from really honest podcasts like Steven Bartlett, LTB or Jamie Alderton is that no-one feels inspired all of the time. It’s about learning how our own motivation, inspiration and focus fluctuates and how to best manage them so we can enjoy our lives and feel successful.

If you need some inspiration, head over to our Masterclasses page and check out our live or pre-recorded masterclasses. If your a Fitness Library member, head over to the Support section as well to up your social media, business or teaching skills.

Lots of group ex love,


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