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Top 5 Courses/Qualifications for ETM Instructors After Qualifying

There are no two ways about it, group exercise is the mainstream and people of all

shapes, sizes and interests are attracted to classes each and every week. The

numbers back this up as well. A recently industry survey found that 4.86 million

participants per week take part in group exercise. This only seems to be increasing

year on year.

If you're already qualified in exercise to music then you really don't really need us to

tell you how exciting being instructor is, but what if you're keen to grow your

audience and branch out into other things? There are obviously a couple of ways to

do this, one being to teach more classes or more locations. Another is to increase

the services you offer and the range of clients you can work with. This is where CPD

and new qualifications come into play.

The beauty about our top 5 is a lot of the hard work has already been done when

you gained your Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification, in terms of entry

requirements. The following will help you take things to the next level... 

Pre and Postnatal

It's not that long ago that pregnant women were told to put their feet and just take

things easy. It's a fact that rest is going to be important for mother and baby, but now

pregnant women are being encouraged to remain as physically active as possible,

for as long as they possibly can.

The Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Exercise Instructor course is designed to help you get

more people moving. It's a great opportunity for exercise to music instructors to

expand their horizons and learn about exercise guidelines for pre and postnatal

clients; nutrition and pregnancy; child birth and more.

With this information, you'll be able to welcome pre and postnatal women into your

classes with open arms.

Gym Instructor

A bit of a change of pace if you're only used to working in a studio. This qualification

greatly expands your repertoire allowing you to also work with clients on the gym

floor. Also, if you ever have designs on becoming a personal trainer, then the Level 2

Gym Instructor acts an entry to requirement for that qualification.

As a gym instructor, day to day you're be involved with performing inductions for new

members, giving diet advice, maintaining exercise equipment and planning sessions

for clients. 


If you're already comfortable in a studio setting, mat-based Pilates is a great string to

add to your bow. This qualification helps you get to grips with founder Joseph Pilates'

original techniques and concepts. From there you'll be able to teach your own

classes and help participants gain a range of strengthening and flexibility benefits.

After qualifying in mat Pilates, a reformer Pilates course is the next logical step and

it'l help you get hands on with the specialised universal reformer. 


There are plenty of similarities between yoga and Pilates though many choose the

path of yoga for its holistic and even spiritual benefits. Becoming a fully qualified

yoga teacher is a great way to ensure your clients develop a strong, mind, body and

spirit collection. It also acts as the perfect complement to a higher energy and more

intensive exercise to music class.

As with other courses on this list, there are no formal prerequisites, so providing you

have an interest in yoga, you'll be able to pick things up really easily.

Older Adults

As with the pre and postnatal CPD, Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults is fantastic

opportunity for you to widen you client base. The NHS predicts that life expectancy

will rise to the late 80s by 2030 so demands for your services is only going to


This course tackles a range of interesting subjects including anatomical and

physiological ageing, the benefits of exercise for older adults and behaviour change

and motivation.

About the author

Written by Josh Douglas-Walton, a writer for HFE, the UK's leading provider of

exercise to music courses and fitness instructor qualifications including personal

training, Pilates and yoga.


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