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Diary of A Group Ex Instructor - Blog 1

Well, this weekend we hit FitJam, my first face to face event since Jan 2019 and it did not disappoint.

Marie, Anna, Jo and Holly at FitJam
Clubbercise® at Fit Jam

I was KNACKERED before I left, you know exactly what I mean… I’d had to deload my own training a week early because I was just mentally and physically exhausted. Us instructors have worked HARD to keep ourselves pumped up for our clients and sometimes it just gets to that point where we just need a nap….. for a week.

Today, 2 days after the event, I’m even MORE knackered but it’s somehow completely different. I feel rejuvenated in my soul and my mind feels calm for the first time in long while. Sounds wanky even as I say it, but it’s true.

I LOVE teaching my weekly classes to my crew, but it’s just me. Pimping. Social media-ing. Responding to DMs and emails. Answering the phone. Ordering the promo material. I know you get me. We are often the only worker and the only boss and it can sometimes feel a bit lonely and overwhelming.

Doing an event is like being part of something awesome and incredible…. But it’s not yours… and it’s bloody wonderful. Yep it takes a bit of organisation to get there, but once you’re there, the hard bit is done and you can relax, chat to people and be part of something that you didn’t have to create yourself.

That for me is where the magic lies. I LOVE being self-employed and I wouldn’t have it any other way but it is so nice to follow someone else’s schedule for a couple of days and not to be the only person in the driving seat. It’s also pretty incredible to connect with so many presenters, instructors and participants in one space and to experience so much love, positivity and to be quite honest, gratitude……….altogether, at the same time.

I might still be exhausted today as I sit here typing, but my soul has been fed and let’s be honest, that’s something that we all need right now.

Our job has become much harder, our lovely clients might require more of our energy than normal, marketing and social media requires more time and effort, even getting into a venue can be more difficult than it was before. It has been tough for all of us and it will continue to be tough for a little while longer and for that, we have prepared ourselves.

This weekend has served as a reminder to me to ensure that whilst I may be tired, whilst I may feel overworked, it has never been more important to make sure that I keep the love. After all, none of us started out because we wanted to become a fitness millionaire (although it would be nice for sure), we did it because we wanted to help people. And we did it because we wanted to be part of an industry where it is entirely possible to fill a room to the rafters with electric energy from each and every person in there. For that intense feeling of connection that is created on those rare and oh so magical occasions.

Sometimes it might feel like the end of the road, and who am I to say whether that is right or not, but sometimes we just need to refuel and remind ourselves why we love what we do…. and how good it feels when it all starts to come together.


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