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Imposter Syndrome - The Fitness Industry Secret

I don't reckon it ever completely goes. We get better at dealing with it and moving on, but it doesn’t completely disappear. I listen to a lot of podcasts with incredible business leaders and it’s something they discuss all the time. Steven Bartlett & James Smith even talked about it in their latest podcast.

With time, we get better at quietening the thoughts in our heads when they reappear, but most people still question whether they have the authority to make that play. Whether it's a big move or as simple as posting on social media, some weeks we question everything about ourselves and whether we really do have the skills we thought we had.

Imposter Syndrome can limit what we think we are capable of, affecting the choices that we make and the way we feel and view our businesses. Something we thought was a great idea suddenly becomes a stumbling block that we can’t get past, that we are afraid to put out there.

The saddest thing about this is that it’s not usually our clients that we are worried will be judging us. It’s our industry peers. Whether it’s instructors around the corner or people we follow on Instagram, chances are, those we are worried about judging us will NEVER buy from us. They are not our clients or potential clients. They will never put food on our table nor come to our classes or personal training sessions.

Our clients and our potential clients are grateful for the information that we provide, for the services that we offer. They are the ones who want to hear from us, to learn from us and they want us to help solve the problems they are trying to overcome. They see and hear so much conflicting information in the media and they need someone who understands them to help them make a decision about the best way to go. But if we are frozen by our own self-comparison we are not best positioned to help our lovely crews.

We have all been there. And we will all be there again. It’s too much to expect us to somehow become a superhero who never questions their own ability nor knowledge. But that in itself is a blessing. Our own humility may be the thing that holds us back from posting, but it’s also what will help us be empathetic to our clients needs and wants.

As we get more experience both in terms of our job and of our own minds, we will start to recognise when the imposter feeling is rising and it will become easier to recognise it and to move on.

One of the key things for me is working closely with a business buddy or 3. These guys have similar ‘level’ businesses to me and we all encourage each other to level up when it comes to what we are willing to do or put out there. An area that one person lacks confidence in, is an area that another person excels in, so we constantly tell the other one to 'get on it and get stuck in'. Whatever it is that is stopping you, today is the day to start to ignore it. The knowledge and skill you have is EVERYTHING that your clients need and you are the only person who can truly help them to feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever before. You are awesome and your world needs to know. The quicker they can find out, the quicker their problems are solved. What a true gift that is.

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