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I have a confession:focus, connection & creativity for group exercise instructors - Business Support

I have a confession.

I’ve been a bit quiet on the email & blog front recently… which is a little odd for me because I love writing and just getting all my thoughts out whilst I type. I felt almost like I had writers block but in fact, I didn’t even really know what I wanted to write about full stop.

It’s happened in the past and I’m sure it’ll happen again but in the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy the fact that I feel like I know where I’m going again. It’s a reminder to me of these things which I want to share with you now in case it happens to you or in case you’re feeling like this right now.

  1. My brain needs to feel connected to the thing I want to talk about. I’m not one of these people that can randomly create a post, email or blog without feeling directly connected to the subject matter or feeling highly motivated to share that information in case it helps someone else. The disconnect happens when something in my business isn’t aligned with who I am at the moment or who I want to work with. As my business coach reminded me today, it’s much easier to communicate what you’re working on when you are working inline with your truest self.

  2. I need space. For my brain. Creativity for choreography is one thing but creativity to communicate, to write and to think deeply about what the folk you work with want to know is something else. Without that space, none of that can happen. I’ve talked about this before, but artists, writers and musicians all block out a lot of time to allow for creativity but yet fitness instructors ram their weeks with back to back tasks and still expect some kind of creativity miracle to appear.

  3. Social media can be awesome but it can also suck. Because when you see other people sharing the same style of content, message or facts, it can almost overwhelm you into thinking that what you want to say is the wrong thing. Knowing who you are, what you offer and who you’re talking to, is the best way to deal with the distraction of other people.

  4. Sometimes we all need a rocket up the backside and it can’t always come from within. It can be easy to work on something because you think you should, or create content or products for the people that you think you should be working with. If those things don’t align with who you are and how you want to work, it can really mess with your mojo. Having someone looking in to your business can be really helpful and give you a clearer idea of what the blooming hell you are doing, or not doing, as the case may be.

Running a business no matter how small comes with peaks and troughs of energy, focus and connection. Sometimes it’s all we can think about and we are riding a wave of work related joy, other times it can feel a bit all over the place and we can find it hard to engage in what we are doing.

Learning how to surf the work based sea is one of my favourite things about this job. We are all so different, from the concepts we teach to the way we teach them, but one thing is the same about all of us, we do it because we love it (and because we get paid obv) but mostly, because we can’t imagine doing anything else.

Happy weekend, wishing you a next week full of connection and creativity,



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