Events Are Important... To remind you of the incredible industry you are a part of

This weekend I went to IFS with the Clubbercise team. It was off the charts - one of the best weekends I’ve had in ages and for so many different reasons.

I loved spending time with my Clubbercise girls. Real quality time where we could sit around in our pants singing together whilst we got ready.

I loved seeing instructors and presenters I haven’t seen for ages, albeit briefly as we passed each other in the toilets or the hallways.

I loved meeting people who I think a lot of and never get to see in person, like the Pure Energy and Gymcatch team.

Events are an important part of my year. Not only because I get to prance around on stage living my best life, but because I leave feeling connecting to something that is bigger than me.

Most of us our self-employed or we are the only Director of a company that we run single handedly. We don’t have many people to bounce ideas off or to reassure us when we are stressed. We reach out a lot on social media because it’s the only space we have to do that.

For me, events break up that feeling. For that one weekend, I get to see how I fit in to an industry that is so much bigger than just me and my clients. I get to see and feel that passion and excitement that other instructors & participants have for the fitness industry in general and all the different types of classes and concepts that are out there.

We are not alone. Every instructor in the country goes through similar emotions & overcomes similar obstacles or problems. When we are tired, they understand. When we are elated, they get that too. When we feel like giving up, they have been there