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Our Terms & Conditions


Your use of the Site does not grant to you ownership of any Content, code, data or materials you may access on the Site. Any distribution, publishing or exploitation of the Site, or any Content, code, data or materials on the Site, is strictly prohibited unless you have received the express prior permission of the owners of Always Moving Forward. The Site contains certain features that enable you to obtain rights to use certain of the Content on the Site, such as videos, photographs etc. In such situations, your rights to use such Content are strictly limited to the rights expressly granted by AMF World Ltd. You may not otherwise copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, sell, create derivative works from, or otherwise exploit any Content, code, data or materials on the Site including, but not limited to, any videos or photographs.

The use and accessibility of certain portions of the Site are only available to subscribers of that particular section. These portions of the Site are only accessible to Members who are eligible and remain in good standing. In the event that a person cancels or fails to pay for their monthly/yearly subscription fee, access to the the respective area of the site will no longer be accessible to that individual.

By using the Site, you will be deemed to have irrevocably agreed to the Terms. Some portions of the Site may be subject to additional terms that will be available for your review prior to accessing these portions of the Site. Such additional terms, which are incorporated herein, will not change or replace these Terms, unless otherwise expressly stated.

We review our Terms & Conditions regularly and you must keep abreast of these by checking those regularly as displayed on our site.

Always Moving Forward is a trading name of AMF World Ltd. AMF World Ltd owns all content on the website www.amf.world including all trademarks, marks and artwork. Permissions for the use of all trademarks are given below.

  1. Conduct

By purchasing any of the AMF World Ltd online products including pre-choreographed formats & subscriptions you are agreeing not to reproduce or distribute ANY of the content to any other individual.

You are also agreeing not to market our products in line with any other products that could be detrimental to the reputation of the fitness industry e.g. non-sports specific supplements, MLM schemes, pornographic images.

You agree not to behave in a hateful or aggressive manner toward any other member on the site. You agree not to use any of the content of this site in an illegal manner or any manner that will reduce the cover of your insurance policy.

You also agree not to illegal distribute music purchased from any music provider to members/clients of the site and/or any other individual/organisation.

In order to gain access to the site, you must submit your name, contact info, age, address, DOB, fitness/dance qualifications etc to Always Moving Forward trading as AMF World Ltd.  We will use your contact information to pass on information about the site, new releases of choreography and notice of essential information. Your personal information will not be shared outside of the organisation without your prior and specific consent.

When sharing your class information on the Class Finder portion of the site provided by Gymcatch, you are aware that this is publicly displayed information regarding your class and contact details in order for the general public to be able to locate and/or book your sessions. The information collected via your sign-up to Gymcatch will be stored and collated bty the Gymcatch Privacy and GDPR Policy. Gymcatch is a trusted partner who runs their customer service and information protection to the highest standard.

  1. Qualifications and Liability Insurance

By purchasing or subscribing to any of our online products/memberships you must submit your relevant qualifications to our HQ team. These will be individually reviewed and approved within 48 hours. By uploading your qualifications, you are confirming that you are the legal and correct holder of the qualification and certificate and that you hold the relevant first aid and public liability insurance to be sufficiently covered to work with your specific client base.

All of our online products are aimed at general population. You must make adaptations as per your qualifications if your clients’ needs differ from those who we have targeted the content at. In order to maintain client safety, we recommend that you have options available throughout all classes to cater for any changes in personal circumstance, coordination and technique levels and/or client base.

Our online products are aimed to increase knowledge and skill of current instructors however this library does not allow you to teach outside of your qualification. Should you need to gain additional qualifications in order to be covered by your insurance, you must do so before you attempt to teach any individuals or groups.

As an instructor, you must ensure you assess the readiness of your class to exercise before and during every session. AMF World Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injury experienced by your participants or by you when practicing or delivering the content.

  1. Class Content, Trademarks

All logos and names on this site are trademarked and owned by AMF World Ltd.  Always Moving Forward is a brand and organisation of AMF World Ltd. Any trademarks displayed on this site should not be used by ANY instructor who does not have direct and current access to the Always Moving Forward site. This includes all choreography and class content including choreo notes and class plans.

The documents, files and videos displayed on this site should not be redistributed or sold on in any way.

White Labelled Content – Fitness Library

All fitness library logos (images) are trademarked by AMF World Ltd. Instructors who have a current and active membership to the fitness library may utilise and edit the logos as they see fit (whilst remaining in accordance with all other rules and regulations mentioned before). When membership is cancelled, use of ALL and any logos belonging to AMF World Ltd must immeadiately cease.

Pre-Choreographed Formats – Rave Tone & Hype Dance Fit

The pre-choreographed formats on this site should not be used under any other class name or as part of another format. Use only the name and logos associated with the pre-choreographed brand and no others. Instructors who have purchased the pre-choreographed formats are free to use the logos of the relevant brand for printing and advertising purposes that do not cause detriment to the brand as mentioned above.

  1. Payments, cancellations and refunds

Subscriptions to the Fitness Library – all payments must be up to date in order to maintain access to the site. The subscription can be cancelled at any time with 28 days notice by emailing info@always-moving-forward.com

Refunds on any online product – not available in any circumstance.

Pre-choreographed formats – payments are made per edition and are non refundable. There are no license fees and no additional charges. All music is purchased separately from our partner FitMixPro. Local music license requirements are the responsibility of the instructor.

  1. Online Streaming & Pre-Recording Content

Pre-recorded and uploading any content displayed on www.amf.world is strictly prohibited with exception of the 30 second clips for promotional use. This is to protect the hard work that has gone into this website.

Streaming of all content is permitted where the instructor holds the correct music licensing. Please note that license-free music is the easiest way to stay compliant with international and national music licensing requirements.

Thankyou in advance for adhering to the T&Cs! Always Moving Forward is a small organisation with very high running costs and we must do everything that we can to protect the content on this website.

Anna Martin, Director of AMF World Ltd


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