Rave Tone is a pre-choreographed license-free bodyweight resistance program designed to deliver a total body strength and endurance workout to your clients. With a house and trance playlist, this uplifting workout is a great way to introduce resistance training to your ETM clients. This workout is centred around an LBT style class including floor work and includes a power yoga inspired section. There are some base level plyometrics but these are easily avoidable if required.

The Structure
Choreo Notes

What is included?

  • One hour of layered choreography with teaching points and cues appropriate to deliver in a typical class that should last you somewhere between 8-12 weeks
  • A link to the playlist on FitMixPro where music can be purchased and downloaded
  • A manual to help you get the best from your Rave Tone class
  • The logo in a variety of forms for you to use to market your class
  • Choreography notes to assist with learning/to use as a ‘cheat sheet’ in class

What is the target audience for Rave Tone?

  • Instructors who would like to introduce resistance training to their participants without spending a fortune on studio barbell sets
  • Instructors who are ready to move on from dance fitness and deliver a class with real strength and endurance results
  • Instructors who would like a decent workout while they teach! Ouch!
  • Instructors who would like an easy to follow pre-choreographed workout which does not require a sign-up to a license


  • L2 ETM or
  • L2 equivalent with additional group exercise certificate
The Structure

Warm Up3 Tracks Pulse raising, joint mobilisation, introduction of resistance moves, dynamic stretching
Introduction of yoga inspired moves
Strength & Endurance6 Tracks Leg tracks to cover all major muscle groups
Upper body – predominantly chest & shoulders
Yoga Inspired Section 2 TracksPromoting balance, flexibility and core stability
Floorwork3 Tracks Core & Glutes – covering abdominals, obliques, core stability, glutes and back. Shoulders & arms also included.
Stretch1 Tracks


01 – We Begin [Countdown]FitMixPro Intro
02 – Move Your Body (Future House)Tchami & Marshall Jefferson
03 – Feel It Still (Coldabank Remix)Portugal. The Man
04 – Stereo LoveEdward Maya
05 – Intoxicated [Big Breakdown]Martin Solveig & GTA
06 – Loneliness (Edit) [Breakdown]Tomcraft
07 – Waterfall (Original Mix)Atlantic Ocean
08 – Gouryella (Gigolo Mix)Gouryella
09 – Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) [Big Breakdown]Safri Duo
10 -Seven Days And One WeekBBE
11 – For An Angel (Edit) [Breakdowns]Paul Van Dyk
12 – 10 Seconds Break (Silent)GAP TRACK
13 – One Day (Edit) [Big Breakdown]Bakermat
14 – Greece 2000Three Drives
15 – 10 Seconds Break (Silent)GAP TRACK
16 – Seek Bromance (Radio Edit)Tim Berg
17 – Found LoveRoger Martin f Maurice
18 – Rise (Club Mix)Jonas Blue f Jack & Jack
19 – Show Me Love (EDX Remix) [Huge Breakdowns]Sam Feldt f Kimberly Anne

Choreo Notes

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