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Self Comparison is the Thief of Joy?

We’ve all done it. Scrolled through social media and seen a video of another instructor all busy and buzzing and feeling that green eyed monster… and subsequent misery kick in.

Yes, for the most part, self-comparison does thieve away some of our joy BUT the question I like to ask, is how can this become a positive thing?

The first port of call is to recognise the differences between you and the person in question. It could be many thing…

  • That person’s lifestyle

  • Their social media presence (giving you an indicator of how much time they’re spending on it) and therefore

  • How many hours they are really working

  • The class style

  • The target market

  • The location

  • The local competition

  • The instructors goal

  • The business message

The list is endless. Once you start thinking about this information, even if you don’t have all the answers, you’ll start to see how different your business is compared to theirs. Chances are, you don’t want half of what they’ve got anyway. If they work 50 hours a week and this is something you want to spend 8 hours a week on, are you really saying you want to add another 42 hours on somewhere?

Once you know this comparison isn’t a fair one, and that actually your business or lifestyle goals or situation is completely different to the way the other instructor does things, it’s time to consider what you can do to get rid of the negative vibes….

  • Gratitude - for what YOU have and the market that YOU Serve

  • Awareness - of what it is that YOU offer and the people that YOU serve

  • Highlighting - things that you could do BETTER and whether, in fact, you want to do them

  • Realisation - that you are happy with what you are doing, that yes maybe it’s time to make a few adjustments but seeing your people living their best fitness life is in fact, exactly where you are meant to be

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