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How to make a lifestyle change

How to make a lifestyle change

People always say to me ‘oh but it must be easier for you because you enjoy exercise and yeah for sure, I 100% agree with that. But the thing is I didn’t use to. I used to frigging hate it. My Mum used to drag me out on runs with her as a teenager and I used to pretend my shoelace had undone so I could have a break. She must have wanted to throttle me with it. I’m surprised she didn’t to be fair, I was pretty annoying.

I was chubby and unfit at college but then at uni I decided enough was enough and I started to get my shit together. I was nowhere near as fit as I am now but I could do 15 mins on a treadmill at 6mph so for a wine covered student who loved a fag I was pretty chuffed with that.

For me exercise and healthy eating was something forced upon me as a child and which I then forced upon myself as an adult. The thing is, with repetition habit then forms. And once something is a habit it no longer feels like an effort. Once that feeling of effort has gone then it begins to feel almost enjoyable. Before you know it you’re discussing it with friends who ‘enjoy’ the same thing….. And then you realize. You’re not forcing yourself anymore…. it is actually fun and it no longer makes you want to punch yourself in the face. Now I’m not gonna lie and says it’s easy…. I’m 35…. I reckon I’ve been enjoying exercise about 10 years…. And forcing myself/being forced for the 12 years prior.

Its gonna take work and a shit load of motivation. But if you want whatever it is that is motivating you then suck it up and crack on. Give yourself a solid kick up the ass, enlist the support of loved ones (if you have people you don’t want to stab in the face, and jump in balls deep). There is literally nothing to lose and so much to gain. There’s gonna be sh*\t days and better days and days when you feel like a ninja. But no matter what, you’re still another step forward from the old you.

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