Introduction to Baby Got Back
Lesson 1 – Mid-Back Activation & Bodyweight Training
Lesson 2 – Mid-Back Mobility
Lesson 3 – Bent Over Rows
Lesson 4 – Romanian Deadlifts
Lesson 5 – Conventional Deadlifts
Lesson 6 – Other Lifts
Lesson 7 – Incorporating Material into Group Ex
Lesson 8 – Promoting Resistance Classes
Lesson 9 – Progressing Your Clients
Lesson 10 – Your Next Steps

Whilst we will not normally have the equipment and bar height to perform these in a studio environment, it’s still mega important that we can coach a decent floor lift for our customers in order to ensure they can pick up the bar/dumbbells safely every time

I know that you are unlikely to be coaching sets of conventional deadlifts in group ex. The bar isn’t the right height and you will invariably not have enough load to continually progress your clients. However it is a fundamental part of picking the bar up for the start of any set, and it can spark an interest from your client in terms of moving on to personal training/deadlift based sessions in a gym environment.

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