Introduction to Baby Got Back
Lesson 1 – Mid-Back Activation & Bodyweight Training
Lesson 2 – Mid-Back Mobility
Lesson 3 – Bent Over Rows
Lesson 4 – Romanian Deadlifts
Lesson 5 – Conventional Deadlifts
Lesson 6 – Other Lifts
Lesson 7 – Incorporating Material into Group Ex
Lesson 8 – Promoting Resistance Classes
Lesson 9 – Progressing Your Clients
Lesson 10 – Your Next Steps

Welcome to the Baby Got Back Instructor Workshop! Meet Anna and find out what back & hamstring based fun awaits you!

And we are off. Download your manual in the learning resources here and let’s get started. My name is Anna and I am OBSESSED with training my back. I have scoliosis and 6 years ago used to struggle to feel lat and trap activation despite having lifted weights since I was 20. That is what this workshop is all about. Giving you the tools to be able to say things that connect in your clients’ minds and help them get the best from their workouts with you. Let’s do this!

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