Introduction to Baby Got Back
Lesson 1 – Mid-Back Activation & Bodyweight Training
Lesson 2 – Mid-Back Mobility
Lesson 3 – Bent Over Rows
Lesson 4 – Romanian Deadlifts
Lesson 5 – Conventional Deadlifts
Lesson 6 – Other Lifts
Lesson 7 – Incorporating Material into Group Ex
Lesson 8 – Promoting Resistance Classes
Lesson 9 – Progressing Your Clients
Lesson 10 – Your Next Steps

The final video! A huge well done from Anna to you for investing in yourself and your clients, this video shows you where your next steps will be.

Thank you for joining me through this glute workshop! There are more workshops on www.amf.world (and more being released regularly) as well as using the code BGB20 will save you 20% on the annual sign up for the amf.world Fitness Library containing hundreds of class ideas and technique videos across a huge variety of genres of group exercise classes!

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