Introduction to Baby Got Back
Lesson 1 – Mid-Back Activation & Bodyweight Training
Lesson 2 – Mid-Back Mobility
Lesson 3 – Bent Over Rows
Lesson 4 – Romanian Deadlifts
Lesson 5 – Conventional Deadlifts
Lesson 6 – Other Lifts
Lesson 7 – Incorporating Material into Group Ex
Lesson 8 – Promoting Resistance Classes
Lesson 9 – Progressing Your Clients
Lesson 10 – Your Next Steps

In fitness we can forget that less is occasionally more, here we go over how to progress our clients and breed success for their results & our reputation.

Less is definitely more in this section. We need to build great foundations and strong fundamentals, finding a balance between keeping our classes interesting as well as ensuring we cover the things that are going to get the best results long term (probably the least exciting lifts!). Slow progression is key in order to get great form & technique and to minimise injury risk.

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