Introduction to Baby Got Back
Lesson 1 – Mid-Back Activation & Bodyweight Training
Lesson 2 – Mid-Back Mobility
Lesson 3 – Bent Over Rows
Lesson 4 – Romanian Deadlifts
Lesson 5 – Conventional Deadlifts
Lesson 6 – Other Lifts
Lesson 7 – Incorporating Material into Group Ex
Lesson 8 – Promoting Resistance Classes
Lesson 9 – Progressing Your Clients
Lesson 10 – Your Next Steps

Having a strong mid-back is often what it takes to ensure all other lifts are performed effectively… from the shoulder press, to the back squat, to the bicep curl. This section focuses on how our coaching can improve all our other fundamentals.

This module will help you consolidate the importance of strengthen your clients mid-backs for EVERYTHING else you are going to do with them – from a bench press to a bicep curl, from a squat to a deadlift. If your client has a strong mid-back and a great connection with their muscles, they will be able to progress much quicker and with less risk of injury. This is also a great selling point in terms of marketing copy.

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