When it Feels Like Everyone Else’s Grass is Greener….

When It Feels

When It Feels Like Everyone Else's Grass is Greener


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Do you remember the days before you could see what was going on in other people’s classes? The days when it didn’t matter what you posted on social media because every person was downloading crap, grainy images from Google and using them to advertise their classes.

It was a fun time. I still thought about how many people were in other people’s classes, partly because my best mate is also an instructor and he had the busiest classes in the whole area. It just wasn’t a focus though. I was happy with my guys and I was happy with the money I earned.

Times changed. Social media became about advertising. About showing other people how good you are, whether for business or in a personal way. It went from being somewhere I stored 700 photos of me and my mates in a bin on a Saturday night, to a place that you only posted the cute ‘before’ shot, the calm before the storm.

It became easier to slip into self-comparisonitis, seeing what other people were doing/teaching and wondering if I should be doing it too.

I posted a quote on the AMF World® social media this week.

AMF World Instagram Post

There have been times in my life, and I’m sure in every instructors’ life, where we’ve spent time stressing about what other people are doing. Whether they’re teaching a concept we should look at, whether they are busier than us, whether we’re doing a good enough job, whether we should be posting because ***** knows more than us on a certain topic.

This feeling has come and gone over the years and now I feel like I have found a balance. One that works for me. I use social media to stay connected and to be inspired by industry leaders that I look up to. I love watching videos about squat and deadlift technique and correction methods to improve my clients’ form. I love interacting with my clients from both businesses and seeing what they’ve been up to. I can look at posts from people who would have triggered me before, feel pleased for them and then close the app and not think about them again.

This has happened for one reason and one reason only.

I focused on what I wanted. What my real drive was for. I stopped myself from getting caught up in all the bullsh*t and did me.

I wanted two things.

  1. To make more people fall in love with resistance training from a start point of fun cardio and 2. To help other instructors do the same through AMF World®.

Because I know what it is that I want to do and who I want to help, what other people are up to or what they post, doesn’t make me feel any kind of stress or anxiety anymore. How many participants other instructors have doesn’t make any difference because I want to train my clients and not theirs. I have focused on my own grass….. and it’s neither greener nor less green than anyone else’s, it’s just my very own grass.

If you’re struggling at the moment know this. We have been through a sh*tty 18 months. We have learned so much and if we are still in this job, we really are the lucky few.  It is completely normal to have felt or to be feeling some kind of moderate panic. We haven’t been able to predict what lay ahead and most of us probably still feel relatively untrusting of what is to come. We are bound to have looked at other people and felt that little stab of jealousy or anxiety, especially if the other person is local to our market and appears to be doing well.

Whilst we do have to remind ourselves that social media, and any kind of general chit-chat is someone’s highlight reel, it is much more beneficial to remind ourselves to focus. Who cares if the person next door is teaching on a yacht in Marbs, if we hate the water & heat and would rather be teaching on a hilltop in Wales. Do you. Unadulterated, uncensored you, smeared with all the joy and passion that you have for this amazing industry.


Lots of fitness love, 




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