How to plan a banging non ETM warm-up…. quick & easy!

How to plan a banging non ETM warm-up…. quick & easy!

Creating your own freestyle classes can be a daunting prospect. And I will not deny I LOVE teaching pre-choreographed workouts, they inspire me, help me to think of new moves and variations and take a lot of the effort out of planning! However, sometimes, I like to offer my humans something targeted at exactly the areas they need a little work on. Something just for them, to help them reach their goals!
So here is part one of several in how to plan and prep your freestyle sesh without hitting up a shit load of grapevines!

  1. Consider who you have  in front of you

Every group is different. If your class are used to squatting 20kg barbells on minute 6 then chances are, you are good to go with the bodyweight squats early the warm-up. If they are used to doing aerobics and 12 bodyweight squats is something that makes them groan then you are going to have to hold off on the resistance moves for a little longer.

The key to any warm-up is to make people feel comfortable and successful so tailor it to the folk that have made the effort to come to your class even if it means doing something you didn’t have planned!

  1. Plan the main body of the workout first

What exactly are you teaching today? If it’s a resistance class and you are having a decent lower body section, squat technique and glute activation might be a great way to start. There is nothing wrong with including moves from the main workout in your warm-up, just decrease the load, impact and the range of motion and make sure they are warm-up appropriate.

If you are training HIIT, then make sure you are increasing their pulse rates so it’s not a shock to the system when you throw the burpees in there. If they are going to weight-bear on their arms, e.g burpees then stick something low impact but similar in the warm-up.

Do your guys need a little help on posture? Could you do a couple of minutes on shoulder blade retraction? Are they struggling to increase the ROM on their squats, could you do hip mobility for longer in your warm-up?

Getting the plan for the main workout done and then pondering what your gang will find tough/difficult to do is a great way to regress back and think about how to make your warm-up lead-in and give them the best chance of smashing their workout.

  1. Go back to basics

What muscles and joints are you hoping to warm-up and how do they move? If you take the good old hip for example, there’s a whole lot of movement happening down there. How are you going to take this sexy little joint through the different pathways and directions it can move in? Can you think of new ways to do that? Sometimes all it takes is a new move to make your class wake up to what it was you were trying to drill home in the first place, mixing up the moves can help to get their brain in the zone and to give them something new to mull over.

  1. Think about the delivery

Do you always stand at the front and demo an exercise and make them do it for 30 seconds and then change? So even just using the same moves, how could you mix things up? Could you get them to do reps instead of time? Could you give them layer 1 all plain and simple and then for the second round give them directional or ROM variations? Could they do partner work during the warm-up? Could they check each others shoulder blade retraction? Could you do it teaching in the middle? Could you do reducing time on the sets? Could you gamify it if you were doing HIIT and you wanted everyone pumped and buzzing ready to work hard? Every time you mix things up a little in a warm-up you can evaluate whether it worked in regard to improving both their physical and mental preparation! Format changes can be just enough to see the difference!

  1. Reinforce technique

For me this is probably the second most useful part of a warm-up, other than the warming up lol! In HIIT I might include low impact options of a burpee, emphasising the nice, flat, plank shape, we do squats with calf raises and high reaching arms to get them in the mood for the squat jumps that are coming, we might regress their press-ups a level and go throw angles of the elbow etc.

Sometimes we mark kettlebell swings using the wall as the marker for the butt position etc etc. In resistance stuff I might do visualisation for ROM on squats getting them to bodyweight squat with their eyes shut to increase their ROM so they can stop when it feels right rather than when they visually perceive it’s low enough. We might go through a lot of glute recruitment on things like walking lunges…. sometimes I just get them to walk around with their ass cheeks clenched together for a minute just to get them thinking about their buttocks. I doesn’t always need to be so serious…. if it gets there mind on the muscle I want it to be on, I don’t care if I sound like I’m crazy for a few moments!

In summary, going freestyle for non-ETM classes is not as scary as it first appears! It’s worth sitting down and planning for 6 to 12 classes in advance so you can work on progression but soon it becomes just like everything else and you become way more reactive to the people that you have in front of you in the same way you would teaching your ETM or dance fitness class. If you’ve never gone freestyle before it might be worth doing a half an hour ‘Blast’ or a 6 week course so you feel confident you’ve got enough content. Don’t be scared not to be the best ever international presenter on your first class – you are providing the lovely people in your class an additional service that you thing will bring them bountiful rewards….. that is amazing and may just change someone’s life or inspire them to see fitness in a different way.

Just keep reading! And Youtubing or following Instagram humans who do great workouts that you can use for inspiration for new moves/new ways to get your gang in the zone! Go to fitness conventions/seminars and keep learning…. the research into fitness is always evolving and our clients deserve for us to stay up to date with our money on the prize….. keeping them as fit and healthy as possible for as long as possible!

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My Top 5 Tips to Resistance Train the Shizzle Out Of Your Class

My Top 5 Tips to Resistance Train the Shizzle Out Of Your Class

It’s a tough one. A lot of us start off with a cardio style class, quite often dance fitness or an aerobics style format. After all, it’s basically what the ETM teaches us how to do. The smattering of resistance training covered on the L2 qualification does not leave many people feeling like experts in the field of weights and if we are honest probably not even bodyweight resistance training. Over the years I have been to many classes and met many instructors and it is not rare to meet or see someone who is ‘nervous’ or unconfident in coaching a squat (a decent one). The thing is the qualification was designed to show you how to teach a class to music, how to layer the choreo, how to make people understand what is coming next, how to communicate with and manage large groups of people. This is a BIG skill…. but if we are really honest for lots of people it’s not necessarily on our ETM course where we have gained all of our knowledge of weights and how to use them.

The thing is, a cardio workout is a great thing….. for the cardiovascular system. We need healthy lungs and a healthy heart and of course it does deliver results to those who want to feel and maybe look fitter and healthier. The thing is back in the 80’s when everyone was jumping around in a leotard rocking a belter of a perm, everyone thought cardio was the way to go. And it’s taken all of this time to get people to realise resistance training is where it’s at for lots of the health and physically benefits that our participants really need to see. Now I am NOT saying there isn’t a BIG need for cardio, I’m not an advocate of a cardio free lifestyle as much as I love a weight…. I personally can’t see the point in looking like a fitness model if you are blowing out of your ass demoing a burpee. All I’m saying is people want to look ‘more toned’, ‘feel stronger’ and to improve their function in day to day activities such as getting up off of the floor, getting out of the chair, picking up boxes, lifting the kids in and out of the car etc etc….. pure cardio probably isn’t going to have a massive impact on any of those things.

As an instructor, it can be a BIG thing to add a resistance class to the timetable. It might be pushing you out of your comfort zone and the truth of the matter is that it is harder to market. The majority of people prefer to jump around like a loon rather than learn how to squat properly. However, adding in a resistance program to your timetable will give your full-on geeks something to help them step their training up a level and to challenge them in new ways, it will reap the physical gains that your hardcore lot are after, and will double or even triple the health benefits for your participants. So here are my top 5 tips to getting your resistance on:

  1. Know your sh*t

Don’t expect to be able to coach an entire resistance based workout if you don’t do resistance training yourself. It’s like trying to coach a HIIT class if you don’t know what 80% of your max heart rate is/feels like. It’s a damn sight harder to describe the movement to people just by repeating the teaching points you learnt on your ETM/Gym Instructor/PT course. If you can ‘feel’ the movement in your own body you will find new and better ways of encouraging and coaching your participants to perform the movements safely and effectively. Read. Watch YouTube clips. Train with a PT. Do your PT course, PT clients and STILL train with a PT (that’s me!) Whatever it takes, this is a chance to upskill and to learn something new. Even if you already lift a lot of weights there is ALWAYS a chance to learn…. there are always new training methods and protocols, research and twists on various training patterns to mix things up!

  1. Learn new ways to pimp your ride

So you’re doing it…. stepping into new territory…. then get thinking about your marketing strategy… it’s not enough to use the same phrases and blurb as you do for your cardio classes. Resistance classes will probably not feel like a party, they might not sweat their tits off (unless it’s plyo/HIIT etc), they will ache more, you are going to have to persuade newbies that the ache is OK. I find that the best way to communicate with my gang is to firstly add little bits of theory to each class I teach. Not so much they stop listening (after all they are concentrating on lobbing a barbell up and down above their head) but just little comments to let them know that the feeling of impending doom when you have one squat left is fine, that we can always suck it up and get one more rep out, why we add pauses in, how to engage said muscle group, what it might feel like if it was a day to day movement etc etc. I also write blog posts directed at my class…. yep some of them probably don’t read it, but the ones that do are the ones who are more likely to give a shit about my resistance classes anyway and I want them to get the most they possibly can for their £6.

Think of it as providing as total a service as you can 

If my gang want to go the gym I feel happy for them. If they get their arse into the weights area and smash up their training, that’s frigging awesome. It means I’ve played a role in teaching them enough technique to do it and secondly, hopefully as a result, their self-confidence has gone through the roof and they don’t give a fuck that they are deep within the depths of the string vest massive, smashing their protein shakes in and grunting loudly about pre-workout.

The thing is, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the gym is not for everyone. Some people will NEVER find it as fun working out in a gym, their adherence will never be as high and they just won’t get the results. So if you can bring some kind of resistance training to your bad-asses, you have just increased the service you are offering and ALSO the results that are within their reach. That’s pretty special.

  1. Don’t be afraid to go rogue

So the third most popular class I teach in the community is a barbell class. It is not to music. It is timed/rep based sets of pure weight lifting. I bought a 20 person studio barbell set and bribed my venue to let me keep it in the cupboard if I let the staff use it to lift after school. Deal done. It cost around £1700 a couple of years ago and its the best thing Ive ever bought for my classes. Admittedly its not a massive profit maker. I can only take 20 people…. so say the average cost of my classes are £5 including memberships and stuff thats £100 per class minus the studio hire & the cost of the kit, minus time it took me to teach it and prep it and the fact that I have paid thousands of quid in qualifications, courses, seminars, gym memberships so I know what I’m doing and PT so I am fit and strong and I feel inspired by other people.  HOWEVER, it is full every week with a waitlist of at least 4 and has been for the entire time I’ve been running it. The people that come are those who are ON IT, they are like animals wanting to achieve the best.

Now I’m not saying they are athletes, all normal folk I guess…. but their mindset is that of someone who really really wants to flex and have people faint. I also LOVE the fact that it’s freestyle – I can teach it how I want to teach it with my knowledge and my passion for lifting without ANY input from anyone that I don’t want to listen to. It has no logo. There is no expensive website for it and no search engine. And it’s unimaginatively called Body Tone. But yet it’s the most posted about class in my private FB group and I think is one of my key tools for offering as complete a service as I can without offering one-to-one PT.

  1. Be confident…… & realistic

So you’ve NEVER taught a resistance class even though you’ve done your PT quals…. you occasionally do a Davina Ass Blast at home…. so do some research, read some stuff, watch some YouTube, get your glute knowledge up…. why can’t you offer a Booty Blast (I do!), 30 mins of ass. There’s a starting point. And the most likely session to be full of 30 mins of pure innuendo if your crew are as naughty as mine! Or teach a resistance program choreographed by someone else so you can learn from them and their cues and teaching points and technique. EVERYTHING is a learning curve and if you fully commit to something and put your all into it then you are upskilling simple! I’ve said this many times but one of the BEST courses I ever went on was PiYo back in the day will Will Brereton…. the way he taught us how to cue and give teaching points was probably one of the single most valuable things I’ve ever learnt! Now PiYo didn’t go down that well with my crew (which I was gutted about) however the stuff I learnt on that one day course I still use now.

Maybe you lift in the gym but you stick with Zumba Fitness when you are teaching….. well how about giving some of your Zumba crew a bit of resistance love. Maybe they would love an LBT class to get them started into the world of squats and lunge variations!

Kit is expensive, I totally get that….. but bodyweight is a decent tool when used properly and is a great starting point or mid level class for your participants…. maybe the full squat rack and wrist straps will come later!

For me, I think be realistic about your starting point, do your research, make sure you know what you are talking about and how you really can help people make a change BUT at the same time, be confident in your ability to do this. Group ex instructors fire fight 40 people at one time…. we get good at correcting multiple form blips in a single sentence…. but that only comes with practice and experience….and good session planning lol. A surgeon doesn’t put their hands in a human for the first time and cure blindness, just the same as you won’t deliver a single resistance class and have created a new concept for Les Mills. HOWEVER experience is key in improving your teaching and delivery, so what’s holding you back? In the words of Henry Ford (I read this quote on a hotel wall the other weekend and it made me piss myself with joy).

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

Your gang don’t necessarily know what they want until you show them what they’ve been missing. Henry Ford brought one of the first affordable cars to a mass market, you are bringing an affordable and as total a fitness solution as possible to your lovely humans who might not exercise if it wasn’t for you (and your slightly insane personality). Spread the love for increased strength, better posture and a decreased risk of osteoporosis. Resistance training rocks. It’s official.


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Why fitness comes in all shapes and sizes….

Why fitness comes in all shapes and sizes….

I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass…. in an ideal world everyone would have extra ordinary levels of motivation, pay a specialist Personal Trainer for a personalised and completely adapted program that would fit their exact needs and they would go and do it regardless of what comes up during their day, eat the perfect diet suitable for the form of exercise they have been given to do and get results that are absolutely second to none.

But it’s not an ideal world. And we all have lives to live. And more importantly we are all so completely different and motivated by such varied factors and have both incredibly different cash flows and personal preferences, how can there be such a one size fits all approach to keeping fit and healthy.

Some people prefer to train alone, solely motivated by their own personal goals and having time to themselves without other people interfering. Some people like to workout in small groups, with people they know pretty well and that they feel comfortable with, they have similar goals and it spurs them on to tick the boxes. Other people need lots of humans and noise in a room and they need someone to tell them what to do, to call them out when they’re not working hard enough and to high five them when they get the job done. It depends if you are training for a marathon, if you just want to be a bit fitter and a little healthier, if you want to compete in a physique competition, if you’d like to join an adult netball team….. the list goes on. People’s exercise preferences and goals differ so greatly that it is physically impossible for one type of exercise/training to cater for everyone. That is why there are such varied ways of working out and us fitpros are confident that there is a solution for everyone somewhere.

This is where group exercise comes in. Instructors are not ignorant…. we know that it may be more beneficial in an ideal world for every single one of our participants to have ours/another personal trainer’s individual attention for an entire hour several times a week. This, however, for most people is either not financially viable OR they don’t get off on exercising alone. The single best way to improve adherence is to exercise in an environment that you find exciting/fun. Now that could be the gym, it could be a park, up a mountain or it could be an exercise class. Whatever the thing is that floats your boat, you stick with it. Even if you need to add in less fun things to get a balanced workout, that sparkle that makes the magic happen for you, is the one thing that will to keep you going regardless of what comes along.

Good instructors stay educated. We read and learn new ways and methods to get our classes the results they want. We do courses, licenses and bolt-ons so we constantly keep as up to date as possible in the fast changing world of fitness. We may even have personal trainers, coaches and mentors ourselves for both our own personal fitness, our business and to keep us happy and pumped so we can keep delivering the service our classes have come to expect. Your group ex instructor should be just as up to date as a personal trainer at the gym…. the instructor just specialises in motivating and delivering information to large numbers of people at the same time rather than just one-on-one or in small groups.

With regard to the overall ‘type’ of exercise you should be doing there IS a one size fits all when we generalise it…. EVERYONE should be keeping their heart and lungs healthy by raising their pulse rate (cardio classes) and EVERYONE should be getting a balanced resistance workout to keep their muscles strong, their bones dense and their metabolism tip top. Something that involves improving your co-ordination can also be a bonus. Group exercise instructors may specialise in one type of fitness e.g. the cardio based dance fitness classes. But if you ask them they will always recommend that you do some resistance training as well. The same goes for Personal Trainers. A good fitness professional will never tell you that they are the be all and end all when it comes to exercise for every single person in the world – if they aren’t a spot on match for you, they will always recommend someone else for the part of your workout that they aren’t an expert in,

So all in all my point is simple…. don’t be swayed into thinking one area of exercise is better for you than another. You know yourself and you know what you like. YES you do occasionally have to do things that you don’t think are as much fun in order to get a balanced workout HOWEVER your goals dictate what you should be doing. And if your goal is to get a bit healthier, a bit more toned and to feel more confident then who’s to say whether you should be getting that from a PT or from going to classes.

I see and hear a lot of opinions both online and in fitness environments about what people should and shouldn’t be doing. People need to wind their neck in a teenie bit  – YES as fitness professionals we all think there are some very very effective ways of getting the ultimate workout. But those methods are not suitable for everyone and they certainly don’t appeal to everyone…. if you start something you don’t even like, chances are you’re going to stick to it for about 5 minutes before you chuck the towel in. Now that doesn’t sound like the perfect solution to me.

If you are starting out, pick something that makes you get all giddy about going. After you’ve got into a routine of fitting it in and sticking to it, work out what it is you are lacking and what you could add in. For most females, we tend to start with a cardio class and then realise after a few months it’s just not going to get us the physical results we were after, then we add in some resistance. And that’s OK….. think back to the moment you started exercising. If someone had told you you had to lift weights 3 times a week would you have done that willingly? And would you have stuck to it? Exercise is, for most people, a journey, and who knows, in 5 years you could be deadlifting in a gym some place, but in the meantime we are all doing what we can to be fitter, healthier, happier and live longer. And THAT is what is important!

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Why running is NOT enough

Why running is NOT enough

So you’ve committed. You pound the streets. You hit the treadmill. You’ve got your running A-game on. You’ve made time for your running regime and you’ve stuck to it. High five! Most people do not even get out of the starting blocks – they manage it for a week and then low and behold it all seems like too much effort and they’re back on the sofa loving a bit of Eastenders and wishing they could be fit.

You are getting fitter and you can run for longer. Maybe you’re even entering some races here and there for a little extra motivation and to keep yourself focused. Maybe you look a little slimmer and you’re feeling much better in yourself. The thing is, you’re not physically seeing the results you expected. You ARE a smaller version of how you were before you started running and you fit in a smaller dress size. BUT you’ve still got some ‘fluff’ around the middle and the only reason you look more toned is because you’re smaller, rather than because you’ve actually got more of the ‘tone’ that you wanted.

The thing is this is not limited to running. It is typical of any predominantly cardio-based program. Man (and woman) cannot survive on cardio alone! It is imperative to our fitness levels, to the care of our bodies and to how we look to add in some form of resistance training.

What is resistance training?

In real terms, it is using your muscles against a load. Now the load could be anything from weights or kettlebells to a small child or your own bodyweight. We lift the load from A to B – so imagine a press-up if you will. You are lifting the load of your bodyweight from the bottom of the rep to the top. Now that is resistance training.

Resistance training is the one thing that will give you the ‘tone’ that you were after in the first place. It also helps to prevent injury (especially important for runners), to decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis AND it boosts the metabolism. Now there is a winning sentence if ever I wrote one.

Basically the more muscle you have, the more you boost your metabolism. Let me just quickly smash one myth in the face. YOU WILL NOT LOOK LIKE ARNIE!!!!

It is physically impossible! People with that much muscle LIVE in the gym, they lift weights multiple times a day and eat enough protein to feed a small village. You do not need to worry about that!! At all. In the slightest. Secondly, if you notice that you’re becoming a little more muscular than you would like then you change up the training right? You don’t just wake up one morning and out popped a gigantic bicep and a neck like a builder. Change is gradual…. you have time to make decisions along the way lol!

What does resistance training look like?

It comes in many forms. Not all workouts are just cardio or just resistance…. many are a mixture. Try something like HIIT for example (High Intensity Interval Training) some of the moves are predominantly cardio but things like squat jumps, jump lunge, press-ups, high step ups etc also have more load involved. Other class concepts like Body Pump, LBT and ‘toning’ classes will also be resistance based.

As a fitness instructor who sees people train first hand, I cannot tell you how many people put too much emphasis on the cardio part of their workout. It’s because we are programmed by the media and by fitness information given out decades ago. Cardio is also fun and it produces the sweat…. which we are programmed to think we need to see in order to see change.

Going for a run makes you feel free. It’s a great stress reliever and a great way to clear your mind. Now if THOSE are the reasons that you run, then RUN! I am definitely not telling you to stop running. Cardio is GOOD! There is no point looking like a fitness model but coughing up a lung when you try to run from a charging bear!

However, if the reason you are running is to lose weight and look more toned then it’s time to rethink your strategy. YES leave the running in there – cardiovascular health is important and it’s great to keep your stress levels in check. Let’s just make sure we get the resistance training in there too.

How can I add resistance into my workout programs?

Here are some ideas:

****** Check out some classes with your local fitness instructor or at a gym e.g. Body Pump, LBT, any ‘toning’ type class. Classes great for complete newbies will probably involve bodyweight/resistance bands/ swiss balls. Something to tickle your fancy if you’re a little more experienced will be weights classes.

***** Find a Personal Trainer who knows their shit. You will be surprised how many PT’s I still see beasting someone with cardio just because they know the client will perceive it as a hard workout. Like I said, cardio is not a bad thing. But it’s not going to change your body into the shape you have in your head. PTs will also give you one on one support to get your technique spot on. So if you have the coordination of a drunk donkey then have a couple of sessions with one to get your A-game on.

***** Find a home workout program that includes resistance. Most should!

***** Get on YouTube and find some free workout ideas! There are some great ones!

Any questions email me…. I love an idea for a new blog post! And we could even get a Facebook Live/webinar up so I can answer your questions online.

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The Top 9 Things That Make Your Fitness Instructor Weep

The Top 9 Things That Make Your Fitness Instructor Weep From The Eyeball

We love you guys a lot…. a lot a lot a lot…. you enable us to have the BEST job in the WORLD! We stand up there in front of you all, watching you smash your fitness goals and we feel truly lucky. I think most people agree that the joys of group exercise come from the quantity of lovely humans in the same space at the same time…. it brings a buzz that cannot be rivalled, both for the instructor and the participants. That said just occasionally it can go pretty wrong! Here are the top 9 things that make a fitness instructor internally weep into their protein shakes!


It’s happened to the best of us…..  you’re arse up rocking our your best pike jump and the lad behind you gets a lot more than he bargained for! Save the poor chap his blushes and make sure you do the squat test before you wear them….. every fit pro round the country bends over to the mirror in the H&M changing room. It’s a rite of passage and it’ll make sure you keep your beautiful underwear as covered as you intended it to be…. if you even wore underwear…. just saying!!!


We get it – you like to stand in the same place every week – you get used to looking out of a certain side of your eyeballs and it feels weird to move! However, as with most things it’s a first come first served type of scenario …… and if someone stands there first then it’s kinda tough frigging doobries. Instructors want everyone to feel comfortable and we love it when people shuffle forward from the back row, so for us it’s always helpful if you can rock a little flexibility when it comes to where you stand. Plus it keeps us on our toes too…. we get used to seeing the same faces in the same places and sometimes it’s good for us to see the room laid out a little differently too!


We can take it – we like feedback! It is in our nature to want to give as many people the workout they want….. obviously if you come and tell us we are total shite we may cry all the way home, but letting us know what you did and didn’t like about a new concept or a new style of class is good for us – then we can make adjustments wherever we can. Or alternatively we can add in different classes to appeal to different people! We especially need to know if it was too hard or too easy – when we ask you how hard you are working during the class, that’s your opportunity to let us know we need to up the intensity or take it back for a bit. Honesty is the best policy!


We can take it – we like feedback! It is in our nature to want to give as many people the workout they want….. obviously if you come and tell us we are total shite we may cry all the way home, but letting us know what you did and didn’t like about a new concept or a new style of class is good for us – then we can make adjustments wherever we can. Or alternatively we can add in different classes to appeal to different people! We especially need to know if it was too hard or too easy – when we ask you how hard you are working during the class, that’s your opportunity to let us know we need to up the intensity or take it back for a bit. Honesty is the best policy!


Yeah this has happened. Enough said.


Well we’ve just had you waving a kettlebell around in the air when you are recovering from a dislocated shoulder…. we would definitely like to have had that information first and foremost. The same goes for aches and pains during class – yes we want you to feel it working, no we don’t want you to be about to shed physical tears as you feel like you are being torn limb from limb…. let us know! We can find you alternative moves. And NO it’s not embarrassing…. everyone needs alternatives at some point. The only thing we care about is the fact that you are there and training! We are trained to be able to cater for MOST people – very occasionally you may find that an instructor is referring you to a different class/trainer and that is OK. It’s because we know they are more equipped to handle certain injuries/conditions or because we would prefer that someone more experienced in that field gives you the training advice that you need.


Like I said before we like people to feel comfortable. And we want you to come back! Doing Zumba dragged along by your friend who is a secret dance floor diva whilst you cannot think of anything worse that dancing infront of other people doesn’t necessarily bode that well for your enjoyment of the class. Likewise if your friend likes someone screaming in his/her face military bootcampstylee but you’ve never done an exercise class in your life and you are feeling a little nervous, probably isn’t going to be a match made in heaven! Talk to us – that’s what we are there for. We will help to advise you and find something that matches your aims, goals and personal preferences. That being said, we truly do not care if you are ‘good’ at dancing/a secret ninja – we pride ourselves on catering for all fitness levels and we want EVERYONE to have access to good quality and effective classes. However, we do want you to have fun and enjoy your sessions – if you don’t, then come and talk to us and maybe we can recommend something you will LOVE instead of just tolerate!

  1. TELLING US YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND TONE UP BUT YOU’RE NOT PREPARED TO CHANGE YOUR DIET, ALCOHOL INTAKE OR EXERCISE REGIMEUmmmmmmm…… we can’t change the maths…. although we wish we could because we love having naughty stuff now and again too. It’s simple, to gain muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus, and to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. We are sorry that that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but unfortunately we didn’t make the rules dammit! If you don’t want to do any of these things, then that’s fine, we are happy if you are happy. However if you really want to see some results, then you are going to have to make some lifestyle changes. But that’s what we are here for, so make the mental commitment and we will help to get you to where you want to be!



A class is delivered by the instructor. If you don’t like them you are probably not going to like the class. This doesn’t mean the class concept or the program is shit. It’s just that you didn’t like that one person. And that doesn’t mean they are shit either. It’s just a case of personal preferences. Classes & instructors are like bras. Once you find one that fits and delivers the right amount of support for you then you buy it in 8 different colours. You don’t stop wearing a bra just because the underwire of the first one you ever bought came out in the wash. You try a different brand and a different shop until you find the perfect match. And it’s the same with fitness, don’t let one experience dissuade you from starting a journey you were so excited to be on.


We need you guys! We can’t keep the energy up all on our own….. we try…. VERY HARD…. but to leap around on your own like you are having the best time of your life when everyone in the room is looking at you like they would rather stick pins through their nail beds is a VERY tough task! We know you are probably tired/stressed/over it and that is COOL it happens to us all, but if it happens to everyone all on the same day then pretty please someone take pity on us and join in with the whooping and hollering. We know it’s part of our job, but we feel like a full-on numpty having our own little solo rave!

We also love it when you guys look after our newbies! Instructors LOVE our core gang and you guys are what keep the banter up and the energy high…. but we LOVE you more when you stroke a newbie. They have plucked up the courage to try something different, whether it’s their first ever class or trying a new instructor/facility, it’s still a little nerve-wracking. So when you are nice to them it rocks our world…. even a friendly smile or just a kind word can go a long way when attending a class solo for the first ever time. That can be enough for the newbie to return…. and that could all be down to you. We do whatever we can to talk to people, but sometimes a conversation with the instructor, when other people are around, is the worst situation a nervous newbie can be in. We are often teaching back to back classes so we can’t take a lot of time out, so it’s you guys that build our community vibe and make people feel welcome, and for that, we are ALWAYS grateful!

So in summary, there isn’t a single fitness instructor in the land that doesn’t LOVE this job. We don’t get benefits of any kind, we are unlikely to ever be millionaires and we haven’t had a pay rise in over 20 years (that’s not even a joke!) so we are DEFINITELY not in it for the money. We do it because it makes us happy in our hearts – and that is because of you wonderful humans making us smile every day….. even if you do occasionally turn up in an entirely see-through outfit ha ha!

Big up to the group exercise massive! Brapbrap!!!

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