My vision for Always Moving Forward was to create a hub to inspire instructors to create bespoke, freestyle class solutions for their amazing participants. We have ended up in an industry that is dominated by brand power and pre-choreographed concepts. I teach pre-choreographed concepts, I work and have worked for pre-choreographed fitness concepts and I think they are awesome. But I also believe in our right as instructors to choose. To feel that we have the education and the resources that we need to empower us to create, adapt and invent classes that are completely tailored to the needs and wants of our own clients who we know better than anyone else.

Always Moving Forward is about bring everyone together as an industry. Appreciating the incredible pre-choreographed brands that are out there, the freestyle classes that we can create as part of our qualifications as well as those combo brands that allow you to add your own sparkle to the class.

This site has been a huge labour of love and has taken an entire year to put together for launch.  There will be lots of changes within the site as it grows and I welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve what has been created.

Being a group ex instructor is one of the best jobs in the world. But it can come with its difficulties… and that is what this site is for. I hope it goes someway to help with the constant creation of new choreo and exciting class plans, business and marketing support as well as the occasional feeling of solitude that comes with being self-employed.


Anna is a lover of all things dance fitness and resistance related. She is an avid fan of the gym and of any class where she gets to dry hump stuff on stage. Anna has over 10 years experience working both in the community and for gyms & businesses and now limits her classes and personal training to her community crew, Anna Martin Fitness. She is also part of the Clubbercise Master-Trainer team and is a Choreographer and Presenter for the neon ninjas too. She is incredibly grateful for the amazing people she has met along the way and is beyond inspired by the amazing choreography that her fitfam have shared on the site.

Anna Martin


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Anna is a huge fitness geek, specialising in dance fitness and resistance training in a group exercise environment. Anna is a Master Trainer, Presenter and Choreographer for the UK’s biggest dance fitness brand, Clubbercise (who she loves A LOT!) and can normally be found in the gym finding new ways to flex. Anna has a background in street dance before her joints decided they would rather lift weights than slide around on the floor.


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